Thinas rune stone

Runic inscription:

The ornamentation

3 wishes: a Viking ship, rune inscription and a heart to the wife.
Viking ship and runes fits naturally on a rune stone but a heart ...?

the Viking ship
I wanted to cut a Viking ship that was both perfect and had something extra to the viewer. I had a vision that I long was unsure if I would dare to cut ...
Eventually, I decided to let the third rower becoming an inattentive careless rower who loses his concentration when he turns around and starts talking with rowers number four. In order to reinforce what happens, I let the careless rowers oar row at their own pace, out of step.

The viking ship, dragon's head and the rowers were difficult to chop, small and sharp details in coarse-grained granite with ice age polished surface where each mistake would be clearly visible. This part of the work was a nervous story that took a long time to carve.

Film - all the details are carved but unpainted>

the heart
I can not do a modern heart in the Norse ornamentation but I could sneak it in to a shape of a heart in the ornamentation. I let the dragons neck tassels forming the shape of a heart as if it were a coincidence.

the dragons
They are a male and a female. I have given them slightly different expression in the form of masculine male to the left and feminine female to the right.

Film - chops dragon's nose>

Serpent's knot
The knot connects the two dragons' tails and does not look to be too difficult to draw up and chop, but it was hard to grab the tracks go right while getting balance in the snake's movement.
The cutting grooves must meet each other perfectly and naturally in the weaving (over and under) and had to match, it took time and countless views from all angles to succeed.

Movie - complete rune stone before erecting and delivery to Uppsala>


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