Rune stone U 1173

Visiting Edinburgh in December 2013

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the translation to:
Michèle Maurer

On a mild winter day in December 2013, I travelled to Edinburgh in order to find and document Erik’s runestone.

Once on site, I realized that the whole valley up to the castle had been cordoned due to subsidence. I was nevertheless given permission by the Park Manager to document the stone, which is located below the castle wall (red arrow).

The rune stone is situated on a ledge where it stands all alone. There’s a new fence going around it, which – unfortunately – runs right in front of the stone. The vast cordon of the area is also meant to prevent
adventurers from climbing the rockface up to the castle.

Subsided path along the slopes of the valley.

To the left, you can see the castle wall. On the far end of the ledge, facing the fence, stands the rune stone.

Left side Front Right side

The S-rune is back-to-front and
the main branch is too long.
The H-rune has been damaged a long time ago, which is also shown in older drawings. There’s an additional cross, strangely positioned outside the frame, on the right upper edge. Why?

The rune carver forgot the rune R and had to squeeze it in between the U and S Edinburgh 2013: YouTube clip.

From behind the fence, one has a wonderful view. There is a fence on the castle wall as well.

The avenue leading up to the castle. The rune stone is situated below the wall (red arrow). The gate to the stairs that lead down to the stone is closed.

The runestone of Edinburgh has been all but forgotten.
It’s in need of attention, signs and accessibility.

Edinburgh is a beautiful city
with old history and many attractions and sites. The runestone is a historical landmark, but neither the park staff nor the castle guides possess any information about the stone. Some of them don’t even know that it’s there.

U 732 Grillby
U 738 Grillby
U 755 Grillby
U 762 Enköping
U 768 Enköping
U 769 Enköping
U 774 Enköping
U 779 Enköping
U 793 Enköping
U 798 Enköping
U 857 Uppsala
U 943 Uppsala
U 978 Uppsala
U 1153 Fjärdhundra
U 1154 Fjärdhundra
U 1155 Fjärdhundra
U 1156 Fjärdhundra
U 1157 Fjärdhundra
U 1165 Enköping
U 1172 Vittinge
U 1173 Vittinge
Vs 30 Möklinta

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